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Beautiful Anime Guild NeoTips
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How to get
A Meepit! Run! Play Meepit Juice Break and score 3500
Acara - Angry Prince Visit a male Royal Acara Art or Trestian
Acara - Roberta of Brightvale Visit the Brightvale Scrollery
Ace Zafara Score 550 or more in Advert Attack.
Achyfi! Treat your pet to a Dandelion and Burdock Drink or a Prune Juice (anything with Drink or Juice in the name)
Aisha - Disco Visit a Disco Aisha: Utamaro2 or Miss_Aisha_2001
Aisha Scalawag This avatar is a Random Event if you win something at the Buried Treasure game.
Alien Aisha Visit the Alien Vending Machine and insert a Nerkmid to play.
Altador Cup If you participated in the Altador Cup, you can claim this avatar on the Altador Cup Prize page.
Altador Cup - Staff Tourney If you correctly chose at least one staff member in the Altador Cup tourney, you are eligible to receive this avatar. Check here Final Standings to see if you qualify.
Angelpuss Equip an Angelpuss PetPet to your neopet and visit your Quick Reference
Angelpuss Angel Search Angelpuss from the Neopets search engine (sidebar).
Anubis Visit the lookup of a pet who has an Anubis attached to a Desert painted pet: Arzhar or Kilexia . The event shows at the bottom of the page.
Attack of the Slorgs Score 1000 or more in 'Attack of the Slorgs'.
Avatar Collector Get this by being on the Neoboard Avatar Collector Leaderboard (Top 50)
Baby Buzz Type I Love Baby Buzz! in the Neopet search bar and complete a search. *note: You must include the exclamation point'!' for this to work!
Baby Nimmo Visit a Baby Nimmo: Tadill
Baby Pteri - Cracked Visit a baby Pteri: Eggbert_eggcentric or Omelette.
Battle Faerie A random event after you win a fight in the Battledome. You'll get the event on the 'win' page (the page with the Trophy). It may take several wins before the event shows up.
Battle JubJub Visit a JubJub Pet page: joshuajuni0r or NotACleverName
Better Than You Win a Better Than You challenge
BFM - Squished Spiders You must have defeated at least one Spyder during the 'Battle For Meridell' war.
Bilge Dice Get '24' as a score playing Bilge Dice
Black Pteri Beat the Black Pteri in the Battledome
Bleh!! Visit the New Layout page.
Bless you, Shoyru Bless your Shoyru with any Faerie, but first ensure your pet has a high enough level to get an ability from the Faerie.
Blumaroo Court Jester Tell him a joke and make King Skarl laugh hysterically! (this is a Random Event).
Blumaroo - Fire! Own a Fire Blumaroo with a Fire PetPet aged 30 or more days and view your pet lookup. Caution: The Fire PetPet cannot be another av-friendly petpet like Mazzew, Snicklebeast, Harris etc.
Bon Appetite Visit the Kelp Restaurant in Maraqua and complete the tasks. You get this avatar by dining at the restaurant, and having left-overs to take home. Getting a reservation is random. Try refreshing at the page that says 'I am afraid I dont have anything under that name'.
Bori - Grumpy Visit the page of a beat up Plushie Bori, I went to Abalaxias page but you may need to search for another pet until you find one with zero health. fairy_wares and slots are also other Plushie Bori's and so is clawerly
Brightvale Land on the Flag while spinning The Wheel of Knowledge.
Broken Have a broken toy repaired at Donny's Toy Repair Shop on Terror Mountain
Bruce - Mutant Visit Mutant Bruce Pestilentia to get this avatar
Buzz - Maraquan The easy way is to highlight the text directly above the Buzz Caption Contest image (664) and then Tab once and press enter. Another way is to go to the caption contest and view the source, then search 'buzz'. You are looking for a url ending that will look something like this when you add it the the url : games/caption/caption_archive.phtml?buzz1=5373089648&place=664
Buzzin Complete a Rainbow Faerie quest and Paint your Buzz at her Fountain. Any colour Buzz are available in works, Split, Robot, Faerie, Pink etc. note* Buzz can be painted pink, it is possible to get the Pink! Avatar as well (confirmed, feed a pink pet anything popcorn).
Capara Win the first round of Cheat . Catch Capara cheating and win that round.
Captain Scarblade Visit the 'How to draw Captain Scarblade' page located on this page
Cap'n Threelegs Complete a course at the Swashbuckling Academy
Chia Bomber Score over 1300 in Chia Bomber II. (
Chia - Florg score over 1200 if you want this avatar.
Chocolate Buy something of rarity 90 or higher at the Chocolate Factory . See a list here. Thank you tigrekhanix for use of this list
Chokato Hold Chokato (TCG) card in your items and refresh the page.
Chomby - Colourful Visit the lookup of a Rainbow Chomby. wyspire or Ebisumaru55 .
Clay - Ouch! Visit the lookup of a Clay coloured pet
Cliffhanger - Game Over Lose while playing Cliffhanger.
Coconut Jubjub Feed your CoCo JubJub any tropical food, like Coconut Cocktail or Tobbie Fruit
Coco Roll Pay for and download the game to your Cell Phone then submit a score on this page
Codestones! Have all 10 codestones in your inventory. ( Bri, Eo, Har, Lu, Main, Mau, Orn, Tai-kai, Vo and Zei).
Colorful Korbat Visit the pet page of a Rainbow Korbat
Count von Roo's Deadly Dice Tie the Count in the 1st round of Deadly Dice, then beat him in the 2nd (or later) round. You can lose this Avatar by losing a subsequent Dice game !
Curse of Maraqua - Maraquan Supporter This avatar was awarded to COM Supporters (retired)
Curse of Maraqua - Maraquan Warrior This avatar was awarded to COM Warriors (retired)
Curse of Maraqua - Pirate Supporter This avatar was awarded to COM Supporters, (retired)
Curse of Maraqua - Pirate Warrior This avatar was awarded to COM Warriors (retired)
Cybunny - Plush Visit a Plushie Cybunny like _Snuzzles_ or Blue_Skye_76, you will need a plushie or something 'plushie' in your inventory or Trading Post lots.
Cyodrake Visit a pet that has a Cyrodrake attached to earn this Avatar: MECHAGODZILLA15.
Darigan Darkling You had to participate in the war (Darigan) to get this
Darigan Peophin Visit a Darigan Peophin pet page. here
Darigan Redeemed Visit Lord Darigan's Chambers here! (You must have been on the Darigan side at the end of the 1st Meridell war but don't need a shield or win to get this Avatar)
Dark Nova Equip your pet with anything that has Dark Nova in the name (Dark Nova, Scroll of Dark Nova etc)
Defenders of Neopia - Aisha Visit the Defenders of Neopia page.
Defenders of Neopia - Lupe Visit the old Comics section at DoN.
Destructomatch II Score 2500 or more in Destructomatch II.
Dice Escape Score 1000+ in the game, Dice Escape.
Dice-A-Roo Win the Jackpot in Dice-a-roo
Dieter the Polarchuck Score over 5000 playing Snowmuncher.
Do Not Eat!! Feed your pet anything with 'carrot' in the name like a Carrot and Pea Omelette
Dr. Death Visit the Abandon Pet page in the pound and refesh the page
Dr. Grumps Score 900 or more in Gourmet Club Bowls.
Drackonack - Hungry Have a Drackonack and some cheese in your inventory and refresh until the Drackonack eats the cheese
Draik - Hatched To get this avatar you'll need a Draik and take it to the Nest
Easter Cybunny Send the latest Easter NeoGreeting to a friend at Easter.
Edna - Cackle! A Random Event you get when doing one of her Quests
Elephante Surprise Feed your Elephante a bag of Peanuts
Elephante - To War! Visit an Elephante with some Battle experience like RedRubyEllie or SarahBethington .
Emo Usuki Set your shopkeeper to Usul - Gothic then view your shop front (you can lose this if you change shopkeeper and visit your shop front again)
Escape From Meridell Draik Get Top 50 on the high score table *Trophies and high-scores are updated at 4:45 am NST*.
Evil Eliv Thade Score over 1200 in game, The Castle of Eliv Thade and you get this avatar
Evil Fuzzle - BOO! Random event you get when your pet plays with a Blue Evil Fuzzle
Evil Jhudora Do a quest for Jhudora. Available on Jhudora Day only, Feb 4th.
Extreme Potato Counter Score 200 or higher in Extreme Potato Counter.
Faellie - It's Alive! Visit a Pet page that has a Faellie attached. here
Faerie Bubbles You get this by posting a score over 2000 in the Faerie Bubbles game.
Faerie Pteri Visit a Faerie Pteri like Ilyvera.
Feed Me Feed your Skeith a Skeith item (Regal Skeith Helmet and Skeith Shield work)
Fiery Pteri Visit the page of a Fire Pteri like here
Fire Paw Place a 'Fire Paw' collector card into your Neodeck
Fishing - Titanic Squid You need to catch a Titanic Giant Squid in the Underwater Fishing game. A Titanic Giant Squid is catchable at level 80 or higher.
Flotsam - Rainbow For this avatar, you'll need to track down a Rainbow Flotsam like sam2003_40342 and Keberta .
Flotsam - Tough Visit a Flotsam that has Strength boost of 55 or higher like Jazzy_Kins or Kathyshart
Freaked Korbat Reach Top 50 on the Hi-Score list for the Korbat's Lab game. *Trophies and high-scores are updated at 4:45 am NST*
Freaky Factory - Yoinked Score over 1250 in Freaky Factory.
Free Jhuidah This avatar is retired now. You had to combine a Tagobo Plant and a Botago Plant at the Cooking Pot to make a Tagobo Potion. After doing this, visit the Rock Pool and release Jhuidah to get a special message.
Funny Win a Caption Contest (only special anniversary Captions will be eligible)
Fyora - Faerie Queen Buy something from the Hidden Tower.
Gadgadsbogen! Read the Trickster Llugh and the Legend of Gadgadsbogen article in the Neopedia . Part of the Gadgadsbogen celebrations, these take place on a random day in March. According to the Neopian Times, the avatar will always be attainable the 4th day of March.
GadGadsGame Post a score over 1000 in Gadgadsgame.
Gallery of Evil - Vira Visit Vira in the Gallery of Evil holding any mirror in your inventory. Some people get it on the Jhudora page so check there too.
Garlic! Run!! Feed your pet something with Garlic like Garlic Bread Halves.
Gelert - Starry Pay a visit to a 'starry' Gelert with a 'starry' item on-hand like a Starry Sea Fern (a Starry hair brush works too), and went to see coltzansfire or Qantax
Geraptiku - Deserted Tomb You need to find a random treasure here: Deserted Tomb.
Ghost Krawk To get this avatar, you need to own a krawk and then go to the Fungus Cave with it as your active pet
Ghost Lupe Defeat the Ghost Lupe in the Battledome. BD Guide
Gloomy Visit the weather page on a gloomy day, try different worlds if you like
Gnome! Get this by visiting the Gardening Center with a Gnome in your inventory. I used a Curious JubJub Gnome but even a Gnome Shroom will work
Goldy Visit a Pet page with a Goldy as a PetPet. I went here
Good or Bad? Visit Chapter 5 of the Curse of Maraqua plot
Gormball - Gargarox You must win a game of Gormball.
Grand Theft Ummagine If you can score 1100 or more in the game Grand Theft Ummagine, then this avatar can be yours.
Grarrl - Galem Darkhand Search Galem Darkhand on the side search bar
Grarrl Keno Get 4 out of 10 Eggs to hatch in Grarrl Keno (I bet 1 np and used quick-pick). I have heard that that you can only get this avatar when you use Internet Explorer as your browser. The avatar shows up near the bottom of the page Game Guide
Grarrl Warrior Equip your Grarrl with a Bony Grarrl Club (a Horned Grarrl Slingshot does not work)
Grey Faerie Visit the Neopedia article
Grey Wocky - *sigh* Own a grey pet
Groovy Chomby See 'Chomby and the Fungus Balls' in concert hall. Concert Dates 1 and Concert Dates 2
Grundo - Faerie Visit a Faerie Grundo
Grundo - Forever Orange Paint your Grundo orange and visit it's look-up.
Grundo - Snowthrow! Play Snow Wars II.
Grundo Warehouse Visit the Grundo Warehouse and type A384J 228P1 in the old 10 digit code box.
Gruslen Have a Gruslen attached to your pet for 99 days
Hannah and the Pirate Caves Get a score of 150,000 or more in the game Hannah and the Pirate Caves.
Happy Birthday! Visit the News page on November 15th (Neopet's Birthday)
Harris - Hi Have a Harris as a PetPet for 99 days
Haunted Woods Stamps Collect all the Haunted Woods Stamps.
Heermeedjet Complete Defenders of Neopia mission 8 (you'll get either Heermeedjet or Meerouladen). For a DoN Guide, visit here
Hello, little Lupe... BOOOM! In two-player Battledome, Lose to a Lupe or Fight with a Lupe and lose a battle. In one-player mode, lose to Balthazar
Helpful Zafara Visit the help page and search 'Avatar' and refresh a few times. Avatars FAQ
Hissi - Ice Visit an aged Ice-painted Hissi like origamikau or Memwon
Huggy Have a Huggy attached to your pet for 99 days
I ♥ Happiness If you have the I *heart* Sloth avatar active when you visit this page in the Gallery of Heroes, you 'll get this avatar as well
I *heart* Sloth Complete the Mind Control Test in Dr. Sloth's Laboratory. Available on Jan 14th, Sloth Appreciation Day! (C, D, B, C, A)
I Love My Rock Go see the Sticks N Stones in concert. Concert Dates 1 and Concert Dates 2
I Saved Mystery Island First 10,000 to solve the Mystery Island Volcano Mystery got this! (Retired)
I Taunt the Pant Devil Put a weapon from Hidden Tower, or a Tiki Armour or Mystery Palm Shield, in the Trading post. Refresh often, it seems to help to have several other items on hand. Then take it out and refresh 'my items' while it's in your inventory once or twice (can't be a retired item, Sword of Skardson works)
Ice Cream Machine Score 14,500 or more in the game, Ice Cream Machine.
Illusen Doll Complete one of Illusen's Quests *Available only on Illusen Day, Mar 17th
Illusen's Glade Complete level 20 of her Quests
I'm Smelly Keep 10 different 'Dung' items in your inventory (may need to refresh ).
IOM Defender Get this while randomly playing Invasion of Meridell. I've been told you must beat level 7 on a game that you have started this month.
Island Mystic Visit the Island Mystic and get a fortune with the word Kyrii in it
Island Quiggle Own an Island Quiggle and visit it's lookup (must be aged 30 days old)
Ixi - Disco Visit to a Disco Ixi like Derpot or rumpus0303
Ixi - Sophie the Swamp Witch Have you checked out Halloween Paint Brushes lately?

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