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How to get
Jazzmosis Elephante You get this Avatar by going to a Jazzmosis concert. Concert Dates 1 and Concert Dates 2
Jeran - Hero Visit the Battle for Meridell pages
Jetsam - Bah! Try visiting a Baby Jetsam like littleman2500 or Jwetsam
Jetsam Chomp Feed any Aquatic PetPet to to your Jetsam (Catamara, Peadackle, Pepito, Sproing etc)
Jetsam - Wanna Fight? To get this Avatar you need to battle with or against a Jetsam. It doesn't matter if you win or lose
Jhudora's Cloud Complete level 20 of her quests
Jub Zambra Watch Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers! in concert at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Note: They appeared March 24th, 2006 and haven't been seen since. Concert Dates 1 and Concert Dates 2
JubJub - Tyrannian Visit a Tyrannian JubJub, I went to see Jurrabob. synchronized works as well
Kacheek - Herder Score more than 250 in Extreme Herder. Game Guide 1 and Game Guide 2
Kacheek Swim Take your Kacheek to the Beach on Mystery Island for a swim!
Kadoatery - Mew Feed 75 Kadoaties at the The Kadoatery. Game Guide
Kass Minion Visit the Lord Kass page in the Gallery of Evil
Kasuki Lu - Heeyah! Beat Kasuki Lu in a battle. To get him as a challenger, view the Kasuki Lu card.
Kau - Fortune Teller Place any 'Crystal Ball' item in your inventory and visit an aged Pink Kau like: Berry1225 and rainbunny and Buurbe. A few examples of items you can use are these: Crystal Ball Table, E-Z See Crystal Ball, Ice Crystal Ball.
Kau - Starry I paid Kauvara the Starry Kau a visit
Kiko Ninja Have the Niten Hiroru collector card in your inventory then visit the Niten Hiroru Neopedia article here
Kiko - Rock! 1.) Go to the music page
2) View the page source (Right-Click)
3)Use CTRL F to search 'secret' (secretavatar)
4)Copy-Paste the url into your browser. It will look like this: (and have several letters and numbers)
5)Each person will get a unique url and I hear the url address now shows up at random so you may need to try more than once before you find it
Kiko - Snack Time! Feed your pet any type of food during 'Snack Time'. Snack Time starts at 3:00 and ends at 4:00 AM or PM NST each day.
King Kelpbeard You must have a maractite weapon in your inventory then view the #33 King Kelpbeard (TCG) card. Enchanted Maraquan Necklace, Ornate Maractite Dagger, Lightweight Maractite Spear, Maractite Cord, and Maractite Throwing Net are a few of the items that work.
Kiosk Wocky Win anything on an Ice Caves Kiosk scratchcard
Koi - Spotted Plushie Place a Koi Plushie in your inventory and head out to visit a painted Koi like ElmSong or rosebud2554
Korbat - Royal If you are male, look up a male Royal Korbat like paperheartt or Arrenius to get the female version of this avatar.
Note* You can only get one or the other, not both
Korbat - Royal If you are female, look up a female Royal Korbat like VampiraArien to get the male version of this avatar.
Note* You can only get one or the other, not both
Kougra - Baby Visit a young Baby Kougra that is less than 59 days old. _pennyroyal_tea works.
Krawk - Island Fever Visit an Island Krawk that has an Island PetPet attached. Doobiezez works and so does Kaori_Hanako.
LDP - What does it mean? To get this avatar, you had to do some exploring. After finding your way to the Lost Desert Plot story page and solving the series of puzzles LDP Guide, you could unlock this avatar. *Now Retired*
Lenny - Mutant Visit a mutant Lenny that has an aged mutant PetPet (60 days) attached like Shikadia or Hearsie for example. It shows up near the bottom of the page :)
Lennies Rule Be one of the first 250 to Answer a Lenny Conundrum correctly
Lenny - Wicked Feed your Lenny a Spooky food item (mashed eye potato for example).
Let it Snow! You need to put an Icy Snowflake in your inventory, then go to the Weather page, Terror Mountain and refresh on a day when it is snowing or having a blizzard.
Lever of Doom A random event playing Lever of Doom
Library Faerie Correctly complete a Faerie Crossword. Game Guide
Lost Desert Fill your Lost Desert stamp page.
Lucky Streak Win 10-in-a row playing Bilge Dice.
Lupe - King Altador Pay a visit to King Altador in the Altador Hall of Heroes
Mad about Orange Variety seems key in getting this Avatar now. For example, hold 8 different orange items and refresh the 'my items' page. *note, the avatar shows up at the bottom.
Magax Destroyer Score 3000 or more in Magax: Destroyer.
Magical Kauvara Use any Morphing potion on one of your pets
Maraquan Chomby Visit any Maraquan Chomby like flare2312 or chomper_8102 .
Maraquan Krawk Visit a Maraquan Krawk page
Master Vex Get this as a Random Event while you play Cell Block.
Math's Nightmare Babaa Get Top 50 on the high-score table. *Trophies and high-scores are updated at 4:45 am NST*
Mazzew Equip this PetPet for 221 days, then view your Pet page
Mediocre Win 1000 on Wheel of Mediocrity (Neopian Times Editorial July 23rd)
Meepit vs Feepit Score over 3000 in the Meepit vs Feepit game.
Meerca Chase Score over 750 points in Meerca Chase. You can also get this avatar playing Meerca Chase II, you need a score of 1250 or more.
Meerca - Halloween Visit a Halloween Meerca
Meerouladen Complete Defenders of Neopia mission 8 (you'll get either Heermeedjet or Meerouladen). For a DoN Guide, visit here
Meowclops Equip your 'active' pet with a Meowclops PetPet then visit the Quick reference page
Meridell Knight You had to participate in the war (Meridell) to get this
Meuka - Snotty Defeat Meuka in the Battledome.
Mmm, custard! Feed any of your pets something with 'custard' like Chilled Eyeball Custard. You can also change your language to Portuegese and feed your pet something 'cream' like Illusens Cream Cookie or Peaches and Cream Baby Food
Moach Visit a pet that has a Moach attached to it's petpet. I paid IMABlue a visit, the event will show up at the bottom of the page.
Moehog - Avast! Arghh!! maties, try visiting a Pirate Moehog
Moehog - Halloween Place a 'Sloth' item in your inventory and visit a Halloween Moehog like sphyroz or Discomfort or kari125 (Sloth Faerie Plushie or Sloth Ruler work)
Mootix Equip a Mootix to your PetPet , carry several junk items, then refresh your inventory. Ensure you activate the Pet you want the Mootix to jump to (The Pet name can't have same number of letters as Mootix). Once a PetPetPet is attached, you cannot remove it or it will vanish
Mortog Smootch Get the avatar by winning the 4th round of Kiss the Mortog (5,900 NPs)
MSPP Hold a Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) card
Must... Keep... Smiling... Find this Avatar playing Kacheek Seek (Random event when you win) .
Mutant Draik - Back Off! Visit the pet page of a mutant Draik like Aisiru or Dragon.
Mutant Graveyard of Doom Visit the Game Graveyard in the Haunted Woods and refresh the page often to get this Random Event
Mutant JubJub Use any Transmogrification Potion on your Pet (I used a Chia Transmogrification Potion)
Mynci - Halloween Visit a Halloween Mynci with a mutant petpet like Tombstones.
Mystery Island Stamp Collect all the Mystery Island Stamps in your Album
Nabile Visit the Nabile Neopedia article with any type of cheap ring in your inventory .
Neomail Addict You now get this as a Random Neomail event (you don't have to be a Premium user)
Neopian Times Writer You get this avatar if you had an article published in the 200th issue of the Neopian Times.
NeoQuest - Wise and Powerful This is a NeoQuest 1 avatar you get after beating Archmagus of Roo in the Temple of Roo. Give the Clouded Gem to Erick the crazy bunny.
Neoquest II - Bionic Cybunny Defeat a Bionic Cybunny, Chapter 5, NeoQuest II. NeoQuest II help can be found here, here, and here
Neoquest II - Devilpuss Get it for defeating the Anglepuss in NQII. NeoQuest II help can be found here, here, and here
Neoquest II - Weakling Be defeated by a Plains Lupe in NeoQuest II
Nimmo - Emote Type a reply to any Avatar Neoboard the following (no spaces, no copy/paste), :)*angry*:(
Niptor Visit a pet with a Niptor attached. Go here: Tobha, shaaaaari will work as well.
Not For Wreathale Visit any page with a Christmas painted Wreathy like
NT Star A new avatar for people who regularly participate in the Neopian Times. 10 accepted submissions or more
Number Six Visit the 'About Us' page with the same amount of NPs as Adam. The 'About Us' link is at the bottom of every Neopet page.

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