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Beautiful Anime Guild NeoTips
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How to get
OHEMGEE!!! Visit the pet page of a Royal Bruce:
Peophin - Faerie Look up a Faerie Peophin: Seikayla or Trojoh.
Peophin - Purple Visit a Purple Peophin: elmoxlove.
Petpet Laboratory If you collect all nine pieces of the Petpet map you can access the Petpet Laboratory Ray, if your PetPet turns into a Pile of Soot, you get the avatar!
PetPet Rescue Score 250 or more in the game, PetPet Rescue.
PetPet Sitter Score 2500 or more in the PetPet Sitter game.
Pick your own! Collect 6 non-dung items in the Pick Your Own! game
Pinatas & Candy Play with a candy Pinata until it breaks (Vira, Meuka, Hubrid, or Balthazar).
Pink! Feed a pink pet anything Popcorn. (Buttered Popcorn, Popcorn, Popcorn Sandwich)
Pirate! - Aisha Explore the Swashbuckling Academy
Pirate! - Krawk Explore the Swashbuckling Academy
Pirate! - Scorchio Explore the Swashbuckling Academy
Pirate! - Shoyru Visit the Swashbuckling Academy
Plastic Fir Visit the Advent Calendar on Terror Mountain in December
Plushie! Donate any plushie to the Money Tree (Headless Vonroo Plushie works). This will not work if you use Quick-Stock. You have to pick the plushie from your inventory and use the 'donate' button on the scroll-down menu.
Plushie Eyrie Post a reply 'Squawk' to an existing topic on any Neoboard (and using any avatar). It won't post, but you should get the Avatar. It is case-sensitive so type carefully, and only the one word - Squawk.
Plushie Nova Visit the McDonald Sponsor Giveaway page . on Sept. 29
Plushie Tycoon Become a Plushie Tycoon with at least 50,001 NPs in your Tycoon account at the end of the game.
Poogle - Pirate Visit the pet page of a Pirate Poogle: HokiePokie05 or VicAmes
Poogle Racing Winner Select a winning Poogle in the Poogle Racing game
Premium You get this avatar by referring other players to sign up for Premium Neopets. If two people stay as paying members, you get a Lucky Charm, if four stay you get the avatar too! This will show up as a default avatar however. Guide
Punchbag Lose to Punchbag Bob's evil cousin Sid in the battledome with your active pet.
Pwned by the Lab You will get this when the Lab Ray changes your pet's species.
Quadrapus You need to have a Quadrapus equipped as a PetPet for at least 60 days
Queen Fyora Play with a Faerie Queen Doll.
Quiggle - Cheesy Grin Visit any shop that has the Quiggle Bandit as a shopkeeper. You can also choose to change your own shopkeeper to a Quiggle Bandit, then visit your shop front.
Quiggle - Mutant You need to visit an aged Mutant Quiggle like santasmuffin.
Quiguki April Fools Avatar Visit the News page April 1st
Raider of Maraqua Play the game Raiders of Maraqua and score over 800.
Raindorf Visit a pet page with a Raindorf attached like: Happy__Hollydays
Random Contest Winner Win a placement in the weekly Random Contest
Revenge is Sweet Score over 2250 in the game, Whack-a-staff-member.
Robo Place a Robo pet into your Neohome
(Robo Grarrl, Chia, Kiko, Eyrie, Hissi, Tuskaninny, JubJub, Aisha, and Poogle). Robo-Quiggles do not work unless your language of choice is Japanese (2nd from bottom)
Rorru A random event you get at the Haiku generator on Mystery Island. You may need to refresh the page.
Ruki Visit the lookup of any Ruki like:Ruki_PatukiRuki_Patuki
Ruki - Desert Visit a Desert Ruki like Jumjim8975 or Rukikartu.
Ruki - Mummified You need to own a Halloween Ruki and an aged Mummy Baby.
Scarabug Visit the pet page of a pet with an aged Scarabug attached like: Argos or Osiri
Scorchio - Haunted Equip any pet with a Haunted Weaponry. Some examples are: Enchanted Cobweb, Patched Magic Hat etc. See our Haunted weapon list here
Scorchio - Scordrax While holding a Scorchio Plushie, visit a TCG album page that contains a Scordrax card, pinkcaddy has the TCG card in her album.
SDB Pack Rat You need to have over 1000 different items in your Safety Deposit Box. Duplicates don't count.
Seasonal Attack Pea This is available one day in December at the Advent calendar
Sewage Surfer You get this avatar by getting to level 50 of Sewage Surfer, and then quitting.
Shoyru - Tough You must win a 1-player battle with your own Shoyru.
Sinsi - Shapeshifter Get this by playing Shapeshifter (Beat Level 5 and return to main page).
Skarl - Moody Tell King Skarl the worst joke ever
Skeith - Jelly Processing Plant Even though the Jelly Processing Plant is retired, you can still get this Avatar by playing Hungry Skeith and scoring 1000 or more.
Skeith - Snargan Win 320 NPs or more in Double or Nothing.
Slorg Have a Slorg (any colour) equipped to your Pet for at least 101 days. Then visit your Pet Lookup
Sloth! Thhis is a random event
SlugaWOO! Visit the page of a pet that has a Slugawoo attached like
Smuggler's Dubloon Score 800+ in Dubloon Disaster.
Snicklebeast Have a Snicklebeast petpet for 61 days or more
Snorkle Feed your pet a Snorkle Snout
Snowager - RAWR! This avatar is given randomly when you get blasted by the Snowager
Snuffly Visit the lookup of a pet with a Snuffly attached likex_forgetmenot_x x_forgetmenot_x
Soup Faerie Eat at the Soup Kitchen (You have to be poor for this random event).
Space Faerie Beat the Space Faerie in the Battledome
Spardel Visit an aged Spardel like Ranz_
Speckled Feed any 'Speckled' item to your Neopet.
Spike It! Play Mynci Beach Volleyball and complete all 6 levels with a score of 800 or more.
Spotted Gelert Visit the page of a Spotted Gelert: Sport_5678
Sssidney Win any prize at the Deserted Fairground Scratchcard kiosk
Super Pea Equip a Super Attack Pea to your Pea Chia
Suteks Tomb Score 2000 or more on the Sutek's Tomb game.
Swabby Score over 825 points in the Deckswabber Game.
Symol This is a random avatar when your PetPet wins something down in the Symol Hole, located in Meridell.
Taelia the Snow Faerie Complete a Snow Faerie quest. You can get to her by climbing to the top of Terror Mountain.
TCG - Return of Dr. Sloth Champion You could get this by correctly guessing a selection in the 2004 Return of Dr. Sloth Staff TCG Tournament or by winning a real-life game during the Dr. Sloth TCG mall tournaments.
TCG - Wanna Play You must have scored at least 1 point in the Battle for Meridell TCG Staff Tournament - March 2004 (retired)
TCG Wizard Score 2 or more points in the 2003 TCG Staff Tournament (Retired)
Techo - Cheesy This is a random avatar when you finish playing the Cheeseroller game in under 60 seconds.
Techo Master Visit the Mystery Island training school's Wisdom page
Techo - The Buzzer Game Scoring 300 or more in the Buzzer game.
The Darkest Faerie Visit the TCG checklist and look at the #5 The Darkest Faerie TCG card between the hours of 10pm and 5am NST Neopian time.
Toasty Take a bread item to Mystery Island's Techo Mountain
Tomos Take any item with the word 'Scarab' and with only 1 Neopoint on hand, visit Page 2 of the Tomos How-to-draw page. A 'Burnt Scarab Cookie' is cheap
Tonu - Charge! Battle with or against a Darigan Tonu, you get the avatar whether you win or lose.
Tonu - Mutant Visit an ILL mutant Tonu like: MUTANT__TONU or Deraigonu
Tooth Faerie This ia a random Event when the Tooth Faerie visits you
Top Gamer Play 250 different games and visit your personal High Score Tables.
Turmaculus The Great Turmaculus must first eat your PetPet.
Turtum Score 226 or more in Ultimate Bullseye.
Tuskaninny - Relax Visit an Island painted Tuskaninny like made_to_be_broken.
Tuskaninny - Spotted Those with a Tuskaninny can get this avatar by having a 'Spotted' item in their inventory and viewing their pet's lookup. (Lesser Spotted Fish for example)
Typing Terror Score 3600 or more in the game.
Tyrannian Stamp Collect all the Tyrannian Stamps in your Album. Stamp Collector list is here
Tyranu Evavu Score 15 or more in Tyranu Evavu to get this Avatar!
Uni - Beauty Groom your pet (any species) with any grooming item like a hair brush or use lipstick!
Uni Faboo Buy an item from Uni's Clothing (rarity 80+ ). See our rare clothing list here
Uni - Nightsteed Visit a Halloween Uni like Merakhias or AugmentedSecond. Note* You must visit during night hours, after 8 PM NST and before 6 AM NST
Usukicon - Shopkeeper Visit the Usukiland Advent
Usukicon Usuls Visit the Usukiland Advent
Usul - Royal Boy Visit a Male Royal Usul like Lilawani.
Valentine Chia Send someone this Neogreeting . Available only on Valentine's day, Feb 14
Virtupets Stamp Collect all the Virtupets Stamps in your Album. Stamp Collector list is here
Volcano (Fire) Faerie Top 100 finishers of Volcano Mystery (retired)
Volcano Run Score 3500 or more in the game, Volcano Run.
WereLupe Paint your Lupe Halloween.
Whack-A-Kass Score higher than 850 in the Whack-A-Kass game.
Whee! Equip your pet with a Snowbunny for 365 days
Wheel of Excitement Win 10,000 nps on the Wheel of Excitement
Wheel of Misfortune Land on the sludge playing The Wheel of Misfortune!
Wheel of Monotony Win this at the Wheel Of Monotony.
Who Me? Visit the pet page of a pink Cybunny like: xXxGabbersWabbersxXx
Wocky - Camouflage Visit the lookup of Camouflage-painted Pet like emily_78045 or an_angel104.
Wocky - Snow Day Visit the lookup of your Snow Pet. The pet must also be aged 100-plus days old.
Yarrble! Visit a Pirate Yurble's page like: yomikoza
Yes Boy Ice Cream Watch Yes Boy Ice Cream in concert at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Concert Dates 1
Yurble Visit any Yurble's lookup page like yonzubby
Yurble - Forefitor Visit the Janitor in the Hall of Heroes.
Zafara Double Agent You get this avatar by having a Zafara Double Agent Plushie in your inventory and searching for Zafara Double Agent in the search bar.
Zomutt For this avatar, vist a zomutt like Spooky the Zomutt

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